Language services

Precise and innovative
with a style
of our own.

Transcribe, adapt and correct audiovisual and written content with originality and accuracy achieving a direct, unique and correct message for the target audience always keeping its meaning intact.


Fluid, expressive
and natural

Convert audio-visual material to easy-to-read text, either in native or in any other language, for different purposes and needs, prioritizing both the intention and the original expressiveness.

Transcribe significantly facilitates information storage, administration, distribution and search of audiovisual content in electronic text format.

Types of transcription


All of it revolves around taking all and each sound accurately, being mainly used in court hearings and/or expert evidence in which any detail may be relevant.


A very concise, clear and precise abstract of the main ideas expressed by the speaker. Only those sentences really having significant information are considered.


Allowing to clear up all what is considered irrelevant with respect to the main topic in question, leaving the information intact but expressed in a more natural and professional way.


The speaker learns how to read and pronounce a speech, even without knowing the spoken language, thanks to sounds transcribed into phonetic symbols.


Enriched and
enlightened texts

Give the final text richness of meaning, precision and effectiveness in order to obtain a clear and correct wording that allows a fluent reading, keeping the style and expressiveness of the author accurately.

Correction will always respect the meaning of the text and will not introduce substitutions of terms that alter its meaning.


Rewriting process through which a text is edited for a specific receiver, language or context, in such a way the text flows and is easily understood, achieving the communicational goal.

Style correction

An integral text analysis, modifying or unifying its content, since each type of speech has a specific grammatical structure and a particular way of transmitting its message, at the writing, presentation and jargon levels, as well as regarding the target audience´s context.