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Excellence in a dynamic global environment.

Listening, processing and verbally translating the speech content given by the speaker, preserving exactly the style and meaning of the original message.

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Liaison & escort

An interpreter translates bi-directionally the speech content so that listeners of different nationalities can listen it in their native language, both in a specific place and remotely.


Whenever there is no multilingual interpreter, one translates the speech into a common language for the others, who -in turns- translate it into listeners´ native languages.

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The speaker gives a speech in its native language and the interpreters reproduce it verbally and simultaneously in listeners´ mother tongue.


Simultaneous and unidirectional low voice translation given to a single receiver in order not to disturb the rest of the listeners.


An oral and official interpretation made by a sworn interpreter. The interpreter is legally responsible in its capacity as attestor.


The speaker gives a speech in its native language during 5-10 minute intervals and, through pauses agreed in advance, an interpreter reproduces the speech in listener´s mother tongue.


The reading of a text by the interpreter into the target language so that the listeners understand its content immediately and simultaneously.

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